Lactation Consultant, Nurse Practitioner Meets “Hope TV Channel” For Her First Appearance…….gulp

by admin on February 2, 2013


So, why is this news for breastfeeding women? Well, because I got to decide what’s important and television worthy………but I’m really not sure whether I made the right decision or not. Let me tell you the story in Readers Digest version.

A call comes out by lactation circle email that they need an IBCLC to appear on Hope TV to educate women on lactation. I chomp at the bit. Not only because I want to teach as many women as possible about lactation, but because I hear the words “hair and makeup.” As a busy lactation consultant and nurse practitioner, I rarely have time for anything like that and so agree to be interviewed (and get a complimentary mini-makeover).

Fast forward to the host calling me to discuss what SHE thinks nursing women need to know to keep them breastfeeding……..gut flora. “Seriously?” I say….Do you think women really care about gut flora? I think they’d rather get some pragmatic advice on nursing positions or making sure they don’t swaddle during the day and avoid pacifiers (at least for the first 40 days)…..or how about SLEEP? Hmmmm, the show’s host says (who herself is an OB/GYN).

OK, I get there EARLY because of Washington rush hour traffic and get led to a beautiful dressing room where the makeup artist comes to get me. Since I had a “mini makeover” in mind, I came looking like someone who just got “shot out of a cannon.” My after work look… all know it! The makeup artist asks me what look I was going for……I said “20 years younger and really smart.” She actually brought out a type of bowl and began mixing up spackle…..At that point, I was looking around for the sanding block. OK, so she “touched me up” a bit…..Now onto the hair……WAIT…..ONLY MAKEUP???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?……but they said “HAIR”…..I was sure of it….Yikes! Thank heavens they had hot rollers right there. Unfortunately, the hot rollers had been HEATING UP ALL DAY and with the first roller (and in my haste and PANIC), I burned the flesh on my forehead into a small tattoo resembling the state of California.

OK….got it together and now headed for the STAGE….Meet up with my “co-star” Dr. R, a terrific guy (and neonatologist) whom I had never met before. We become fast friends like hostages in a bank hold-up…..We agree to “help each other out” should the need arise or should one of us happen to be struck by the “fight or flight” adrenaline blast and bolt…..OK…..we’re solid. Two minutes to air time and the host of the show tells us there’s been a change of questioning based on my earlier conversation with her about how I’m not too fond of teaching women about gut flora when there’s a heck of a lot more interesting AND IMPORTANT information out there to help support breastfeeding. Dr. R looks at me aghast while I mutter something about “Well, who thought she’d actually listen to me?” The questions have been changed, one minute to air time and……one more thing…..WE’RE NOT TO LOOK AT EACH OTHER OR TALK TO EACH OTHER DURING THE COURSE OF THE SHOW”…….and……We’re live in 5-4-3-2-1!

I’m sure the link will be on the website if you want to see how I did. She asked me to bring my first book but …..what the heck…..I brought all three…….she wasn’t exactly happy with that move but with a chunk of skin missing on my forehead, I figured she owed me the free press.

It was actually FUN……I may go back for a show on weaning…..that is, if my forehead ever heals. Here’s the link

Now here’s my question to all you breastfeeders out there. What do you want me to write about? What do you want to hear about on TV shows? Help me understand your needs and I’ll write my best suggestions in content for this website. Thanks.

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