Milk Banking for Who…?

by admin on March 18, 2015

Frozen MilkSo, what’s really going on with milk banking?

Guest Posting: Jaye Elle, Psy. D.

People who are “approved” and “deemed worthy” can donate their milk…but those who need milk for continued strengthening of their babies, cannot obtain it???  What’s up with that?  Bank for who? And at what cost? #foregocollegetuition Donated milk basically goes through this arduous process, with screening and vetting of mothers, ruling out conditions, pasteurization…almost obtaining approval by Congress and formulated into a Bill, but when you as a dedicated mother search for milk, let’s just say “good luck” as in the movie “Taken”.  I have searched sites and have found that milk collected through donations are only for critically ill and premature infants in the NICU (National Milk Bank), OR donated to sicks infants in the hospital or sold to hospitals for use in the NICU…which sounds contradictory in itself, or is to just me (Helping Hands Bank) OR other sites where it seems TOO informal of exchange, bordering on sketchy…unsafe and seemingly reportable to some authority…like “Only the Breast”, “Milkshare”, or “Milkin Mamas….#mamahasnotimeforthat  #SomebodyShouldCallTheBoardofHealth #classifiedads

I’m tired…tired of searching…tired of inquiring and looking for solutions, but to no real avail.  Did I say I am tired or maybe I should say exhausted? Not just physically exhausted, but mentally exhausted about the challenges that a “normal mom with a normal child” have to face. So, I am a first time mom of an 8-month old baby boy. Yep, eight months with a goal to breastfeed for at least 12 months.  I’ve had numerous issues with my supply…decreases, fluctuation in amounts, not enough expressed during pumping sessions, use of herbals, use of meditation/relaxation, use of advice, literature….I’ve tried everything imaginable and I’m tired. When I say tired, I think I stated that a few sentences ago…I mean just that… I want my baby to obtain the best milk–breastmilk, even if it isn’t MY milk! Am I crazy? Is this too much to ask….apparently so. #tired

My heart goes out to those poor sick NICU babies.  Sure, they definitely need the milk to thrive and survive…but doesn’t my baby need it as well?  What’s the stress about, huh?  Give him formula…”we all survived on formula…and look at us now”.  I would like to do something different for my baby and not the “good enough” approach.  I’m likely being too hard on myself or taking this too seriously, but it does present a question/issue to other moms in my situation.  A well-intentioned process of breastfeeding turns into a stressful ordeal with no exit plan.  I imagine I could test out one of these informal sites to get a feel for the process, but I’m at a loss.  I only want to do what I feel is best for my baby.  #dontjudge #breastmilkisbest

Jaye Elle, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in the District of Columbia and Maryland, with 10 years experience in treating a variety of mental health disorders across diverse populations. She is also credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.  Dr. Jaye is an aspiring IBCLC and recognizes not only the physical/nutritional value of breast milk to babies, but the establishment of the emotional bond and connection that can last a lifetime.

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