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We all know about the health advantages of breastfeeding, but new mothers often become overwhelmed and stressed about how to actually go about it. In START HERE, Kathleen McCue, a lactation consultant for over twenty years, offers helpful thoughts on breastfeeding and baby care to create a personalized routine that works for you and your new baby. McCue shares tips on:

• How to involve your partner to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience.
• How to find your natural rhythm.
• Achieving the perfect latch.
• Relief for sore breasts.
• Coping with motherhood.

No judgments. No my way or the highway. Start Here, by Kathleen McCue, simply provides helpful suggestions, reassurance, and a healthy dose of humor to put new moms at ease, facilitating the process of breastfeeding.

Motherhood is an intensely personal journey that women often have difficulty sharing with one another, especially when the situation isn’t shaping up to be as blissful as they anticipated. In MOTHER TO MOTHER, Kathleen McCue surveys mothers from all walks of life on the questions that are on every new mother’s mind, including:

• What is the most important advice you received before birth?
• What was the most unexpected part of becoming a new mother?
• What one thing helps mothers most in succeeding at breastfeeding?
• What things did spouse/family/friends do that were helpful or unhelpful?
• What would you do differently the next time?
• What gadgets and books are essential, and which ones are wasteful?

Mother to Mother will make it possible for you to relax and be open to the unexpected joys and pitfalls of your unique experience of parenthood.

FATHER TO FATHERr is a dad’s answer to many questions he might have about fatherhood.


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